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The Invincible Iron Man, Vol. 7: My Monsters - Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca, Kano, Howard Chaykin, Carmine Di Giandomenico Though this book is really a set of mostly fragmented one-shots, I loved them. At first I was perplexed as to why Tony wasn't featured in the opening story about Mandarin and a director who's creating his life story, we eventually see the (rather nicely one-sided) antagonism between them. And soon the story ends and Mandarin wins. He didn't get the film he wanted, he didn't get to kill Tony Stark, but, as he sees it, he wins.This is nicely partnered up with the ending story that goes on to tell the what-if story. What if Tony's crazy ideas were used for harm? Is there (or, rather, can there be?) a limit on genius? How do you restrain yourself and your creativity, and what do you do when it runs incredibly awry? An alternate universe where everything that can goes wrong and the tale of what's left of the pieces being picked up and rearranged to create something new. The gem of this volume, though, is by far Tony at the AA meeting. I don't think his narrative would have been anywhere near as hard-hitting without the individual panels by Larrocca of Tony looking as pained by a past as he possibly could interspersed with with cynically amused smiles at characteristically Stark behavior. The interplay between past and future and the idea that this is just a man trying to mend the hole in his heart is so incredibly well done and is arguably the standout story of the set.