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Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi I really enjoyed this book, for a handful of reasons. The biggest thing, for me, was her skill in world-building. This just as easily could have been a book that you've felt you've read before a thousand times with tropes here and there. There was just the right of information in the right spots that enabled the reader to make educated guesses about the rest, and just enough not to throw them off.Secondly, was characterisation. Characters, for me, are the most important bit of a story. If I can't love the characters, or if they can't make me believe in them, then it's difficult for everything else to shine. I wasn't sure about Aria at first, but, she grew on me in a surprising manner that I didn't expect. Perry wasn't the broody, lean-y type with arched eyebrows.Completely refreshing and definitely an instance where I want to continue reading. I'm aiming to pop up a review this week after finals.