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Hereafter - Tara Hudson I feel that two stars for this is a generous rating. The book begins abruptly with us being introduced to Amelia's nightmare which we end up finding out is her revisiting what she thinks the night of her death - yes, Amelia is dead. In fact, she's a ghost. Except it isn't her death from the top of High Bridge that she's seeing this time, it's Joshua's. He's driven his car into the water and is now drowning. Being a ghost Amelia can't save Joshua, but she can sure try. Miraculously, for plot advancement, she ends up somehow establishing a connection with Joshua who is the first living human to see her. Amelia later gathers that he can only see her because he experienced a moment of death before being revitalised.Well. Welcome to the plot of the book. In one paragraph I've summarized just about all you need to know. The rest of the book is back and forth about how much they love each other soooo much after just one day and also the occasional evil force (and bothersome grandma) that attempt to keep them apart. And fail. (Of course.) Hereafter would have gotten three stars if there were something about the story that wasn't about their instant attraction. Even if the writing for me wasn't stellar, it was still passable, but the relationship between Amelia and Joshua was too much. I probably could have liked this book more, being that it's the first book I've read concerning ghosts, if it were a bit more robust but as it is it just didn't work for me.