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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Love has been outlawed and dubbed a disease for which only having an operation known as the cure will you free you from. The United States, segmented into states, counties, cities and town are all separated from each other with very little movement between. Lena, the daughter of a resister, is desperate for a normal life and cannot wait for the stability that the cure brings until one chance meeting.There were a lot of things I liked and didn't like about the story, but for the most part I was a bit confused on how the cured still showed any emotion at all. In fact they were quite adamant about disdaining anything anti-government or rather, anything anti-normal. There were a range of emotions in people that didn't seem uniform along the basis of them being cured. The idea of love being made into a disease was an interesting concept, as well as were all of the little official book quotes to garner better understanding of the current societal mindset.