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Between Two Ends - David Ward Between Two Ends tells the adventurous story of Yeats (and the equally adventurous story of his father, William) while visiting his grandmother's house in Maine. His father is fighting depression leaving his parents at odds with each other after so many years of trying to find treatment. Yeats desperately wants to keep his family together and risks it all to save them - and also help repair his father's image. This was a really clever book. One of the downsides to a lot of children's literature is that some books are written with a smaller vocabulary and at times I believe that's doing a large disservice to the kids who read them. Being that this is a book that touches heavily on literature and poetry (Yeats and William Yeats, among others) it is very believable that Yeats, even at his age, is an incredibly smart boy. He is very much aware of the issue between his parents and does everything he can to mend it, even if it means going on an incredible adventure to save someone he doesn't even know.Although the story has references to poetry, they're mentioned in such an easy way as to mesh in well with the overall plot and are not at all out of place. After Yeats meets a pair of half witty, all swashbuckling pirates he begins on an adventure he barely knew he'd be taking. Once he reaches The Arabian Nights the story comes alive with such vivd and intelligent descriptions that it's very easy to lose yourself (no pun intended!) to it without realising you're turning the page. Sword fights, vegetables, escaping, prisons and cats abounds. This is a book everyone can love.