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Across the Universe - Beth Revis Although the book started slowly to me as a bit of an info-dump getting used to the settings and way of life aboard the ship, it became a much quicker read once you could process the background story into new information. The idea of a generation ship was interesting, but when the concept of Seasons came about I was rather squicked out. Introducing Seasons was one of the main ways that Eldest controls the ship; not only to prevent mutiny but also to have a neatly packaged time to know when people died, when people were born, and how to manipulate them through controlled genetics.People mating everywhere was really a bizarre sentence stopper. Amy should not have to step over a fornicating couple to get to where she needs to go.I eventually reconciled that as best I could with the plot until the end where Amy within the span of what seemed like a minute forgave Elder for unplugging her - way too fast. Their relationship was hardly developed and when it was it was mainly one-sided on Elder's behalf, so the notion of her automatically giving in on such an important topic was a bit unbelievable to me.