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Article 5

Article 5 - Please note that I stopped on page 117 and did not completely finish the book.The writing doesn't work with me with phrases (and I'm paraphrasing, as I can't find the right spot) like "my organs were vibrating" and describing things as "vanilla". I absolutely love a good dystopia, but there's more about the ambiguous nature on the part of Ember toward Chase when she should be critical. I don't get the impression that Ember is a stupid girl, but her flight response is so incredibly strong that it's hard to reconcile it with how we as readers are supposed to be interpreting the world around her and emphasizing with her as a character.Also, again, we have no idea the war started, that that it ended with the creation of articles of reformation. Dystopias cannot work for me unless I have an idea as to why they came about. It doesn't have to be chapters of world-building, just enough so that I can figure it out myself is fine.I wanted to like it, but for now, I cannot finish it.