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The Invincible Iron Man Omnibus, Volume 1 - Matt Fraction, Salvador Larroca I'm initially typing this on my phone, so I hope to flesh it out a bit at home. That said, though, just a heads up to those looking to read this: you definitely will want to read Civil War and Secret Invasion first. The volumes included in the omnibus are the fabulous Five Nightmares (which sets up the next) World Most Wanted, I quite nicely. However, it's a huge transition to go from Tony as head of SHIELD to being deposed and loathed. Admission: Tony Stark is my favorite Marvel character, so I always want to know as much about him as I can and being caught up in a half-page "....previously" doesn't work for me. The stories will flow much better if you read those in between. I know there's been a lot of dissension in how gritty the story is and there's a question of just how far can a man fall before there's no hope of landing. I really loved getting into Tony's head as he turned introspective and thought about just who he is, who he trusts, and who his loyalties are with. I hope that in the next omnibus it isn't a continuation of suffering, but possibly instead a dissection and examination of *where* he is and what he needs to do. The art is beautiful and flows nicely from panel to panel. Additionally, the hardback version is a pleasure to read from and carry around (no worries of creasing if you take the dust cover off). If you love Tony, or even if you love Iron Man (are they one and the same? I'm not sure.) then I think you'll find these storylines enjoyable. They aren't easy, but no character worth their salt is.