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Matched - Ally Condie What I like most about this book is that it takes the concept of a utopian/dystopian setting that so many other YA books have with all of the familiar plot devices and handles them well. Yes, there is a smart female lead character who has to make a choice between two people but she doesn't seem to have the almost prerequisite hemming and hawing of "oh, but he's really nice I think I'll stay with him...". In this setting there is a Society that governs the people: matches them, chooses their place of work and where they'll live, and sorts them into castes. The idea of castes here is used loosely and is more of a line of punishment than anything else: behave badly and you'll receive an Infraction, receive too many Infractions and you'll be deemed an Aberration. We follow Cassia's journey from her Matching, with its implications, onward.One thing that bugged me the most in the beginning was the idea that no one knew how to write even if they knew how to type. Cassia knew the alphabet - how they teach that on a type pad seems a bit unrealistic if you never need to know how to write, just read. It becomes less of an issue as the story progresses and becomes somewhat more believable.I've read a lot of reviews that likened the story to Lois Lowry's The Giver which I haven't read but is on my list. This review will be edited again after I complete it.